How ECO are we?

Recyling garbage, we teach the local kids how and why.
Recyling garbage, we teach the local kids how and why.

The aim of TCDF Eco-Logic is - together with local authorities and local people - to organize small scale Eco-tourism in Southern Thailand (Phato district). Eco tourism is tourism that respects the local environment. Nature as well as culture.


We are not fanatical, but with all actions, activities, projects and decisions TCDF Eco-Logic tries to choose the option that damages the local environment as little as possible. You’ll catch us on some things, but we do our best…

TCDF Eco-Logic runs several projects that might even have a positive effect on the local environment.

For visitors who are interested we are more then happy to explain about -for example- our:

  • Organic farm
  • Water filter systems
  • Say no to plastic bags' project
  • Recycle system
  • Save the rainforest' program,
  • Partnerships with neighbors on all our activities
  • Thai Culture and language courses
  • Natural Clay building project by DinDang Natural Building.
  • Educational projects
  • Art Eco shop

And you? What can you do to help during your stay with us?

Help in the garden for a day...
Help in the garden for a day...
  • Turn of the lights, fans and water while not using them
  • Take a shopping bag and say no to plastic bags
  • Re-use your towels (hang them to dry, however our staff is more then happy to provide you with clean towels daily, just leave them on the floor of your bathroom)
  • Use rechargeable flashlights
  • Refill your water bottles (free refill from our big bottles in the restaurant)
  • Use organic products such as shampoo and soap
  • Car pool: communicate about your plans to use the taxi service and join in with others
  • Book and activity
  • Help in the garden for a day or ask to plant some trees
  • Understand and appreciate our cooks choices to only serve local, healthy garden food in a set menu

Take some time to meet and greet local people just by learning some basic Thai and go for a walk through the village, smiling.


Last but not least we would like to thank you for staying with us. This is what already made a difference; due of the fact that all income and affects of TCDF Eco-Logic stays local and all profit is donated to the local community directly through the work of the Thai Child Development Foundation.


Together we can make a difference!


The TCDF Eco-Logic management

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