Happiness is in little things

Happiness is for sale! Really! From this month on, you can buy happiness in a little bag at the TCDF Eco-Logic shop, Art Eco. The special need students of the TCDF Special School worked really hard on the production of ‘happiness-bags’ the last few months.


A hapinessbag is a small bag with a number of symbolic objects in it. It’s a good luck charm you give to people you car for, something to remember you by.

Nong Eef, Nong Dju, Nong Ta, Nong Bas worked really hard to make these happiness bags. And the result is wonderful!


First they printed a picture on the small cotton bag. There is a choice of a bag with a water buffalo (symbol of strength) or a lady bug (symbol of good luck).

After printing the bags the students worked on the objects that should go in the bags:

  • They painted small stones as a symbol for ‘building on a bright future’.
  • They took some seeds and laminated them as a symbol for ‘growth’ and ‘development’.
  • They wrote a wish on gold and silver paper in English and Thai, representing all children with the Thai Child Development Foundation.
  • And the last object is a small Buddh image. Symbol of peace of mind and Thailand.


After all these preparation they had to work on packing. Very concentrated work!

  • Place all objects, one of each, in the happiness bag.
  • Place the bag in a plastic bag
  • Make a label, stamp it and attach it to the plastic bag.

After all this they brought the bags to the shop and displayed them there: ready to sale!

Nong Eef: packaging a bag
Nong Eef: packaging a bag

And here they are: the happiness bags of TCDF. Made with love for everybody who wishes another person good luck. The happiness bags will be sold for 100 Baht each (about 3 Dollar or 2,5 Euro) and the profit of the sale will be used for the educational program of Nong Eef, Nong Dju, Nong Ta en Nong Bas and all their friends at the Special School.


Making these product for the Art Eco shop is part of the educational program of TCDF’s Special School. Students with special needs learn how to be a part of a complete production proces, from making to packing, from A to Z. In this way the students learn how to be involved in a creative proces and they learn about the concept of working together on a project.


Would you like to order a happiness bag? Send us an email  and we’ll inform you about the procedure: info@thaichilddevelopment.org.


Chock dee (good luck) from Paksong from Nong Eef, Nong Dju, Nong Ta en Nong Bat.

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    Kevin Dye (Monday, 08 July 2013 06:13)

    Please let us know how to order happiness bags.

    email - critical_design@comcast.net