Piam's got a job to do!

Piam with his 'hand'made Thailand card.
Piam with his 'hand'made Thailand card.

Piam is 14 years old and he has Down Syndrome. Since this semester he is one of the students in our Special School. And he loves to be there.


Piam is a very sweet boy, who loves to hug everybody and he is a caring boy who is involved with all the other students and teachers.


This month Piam was very proud to participate in his first business/art project of the school: the TCDF Special School X-mas cards!


He and his friends first made many beautiful pictures and paintings. Some of the pictures are made by outlining the hand and fist of Nong Caffee (she is the smallest, her hand fits on the card). Then the ‘hands’ were changed in to an animal: an octopus, a chicken and even an elephant. These pictures where colored by all students. HAND-MADE!!!

The paintings were done by using a ‘marble’ technique. The students could mix their own favorite colors, dip the paper in. Every time they were amazed about the beautiful painting that appeared on the paper!


Piam thought that the card making was fun to do, but most fun was the preparation of the cards for the shop. The cards needed to be stamped, packaged and labeled. Piam did it with a lot of dedication and he was so proud when he placed his first stamp! Tongue on his chin, aiming the stamp and placing it on the card: a very concentrated boy working.


The cards are not only fun to make and to package, but they will also help Piam. Of course he is not so aware of that, even though we tell our students that the cards are for sale. Postcards and Xmas cards that are sold will bring in money for the Special School. One part of the money will be used for new material for the art-project of the school. Another part will be used for the students themselves. TCDF opened bank accounts for the children and their share of the card-sale will be on their own account!


There are not a lot of children in Thailand who have their own bank account, but in Paksong there are!!


If you want to help Piam and his friends, you can order the Xmas cards via our website. Please check http://tcdf-ecologic.jimdo.com/art-eco-shop/internet-shop/x-mas-cards/.


And from Piam and all of his friends we thank you in advance: KHAP KOON KAH!!

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