Red bike

Peng on her red bike
Peng on her red bike

Peng is chronicly ill and thus she is one of the kids that are in Healt Care program of TCDF.


Peng is 14 years old, a beatiful girl with a beautiful smile and she is a very talented dancer. Many times she has given a classical Thai dance demonstration during the Saturday activities in our center.


She likes to be with TCDF and she is a ‘special volunteer’ who helps the staff with many things in the weekend. One of our staffmembers picked her up on the motorbike every weekend so that she can spent time with TCDF and her friends there.

During the school holiday Peng wanted to come and visit us on a more regular base, but we could not organize the motorcycle pickup for her then (our staff went on a holiday too). A bike would be a good solution, it would give her the change to come over whenever she wanted. Peng lives with her grandparents and they do not have a lot of money, so buying a bike was not an option for them. And the foundation did not have a budget for bike, it was besides the project budgets.


The volunteers of TCDF made a plan and a beautiful donation box for the restaurant. Within 2 weeks the box contained enough money to buy a real bike for Peng. A red bike. And a raincoat. And a lock.


She came every day on her bike during the school holiday, with her beautiful big smile and always happy.


Thanks to all our visitors who donated money and of course the volunteers who made the donation box for our restaurant!