Xmas in Paksong

Santa was there!
Santa was there!

Christmas: a tree, snow, packages, Xmas carols, meals with family and friends.

That is the picture most people have of this event.


So not true in Thailand!

Of course Xmas is not a big thing in this mainly Buddhist country. Although it is more celebrated over the last few years. The big supermarkets can provide you with fake Xmas trees, cakes and cards with snowy landscapes. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year banners are in many shops and bars (and stay there until April when it will be Thai new year....)


At TCDF we celebrated Xmas in Pattana school this year. The school organized a special, English spoken Xmas show and we were invited.

A number of students of this school are under the wings of TCDF, via the scholarship-project, the nutrition project and even in the medical care project. We know many kids there and we were honoured ad happy with the invitation!


And so we went there: about 20 foreigners in the burning sun to celebrate Xmas.


And we had the best Xmas show ever! Songs, dances and many many kids with Santa hats and red clothes and very happy faces. There was even a Santaclaus!


Happiness is in little things. Xmas in Paksong for example.

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