By Simone Kaho

On that first afternoon, we hang out in the Eco Logic living room/restaurant before dinner, Gayle the yoga teacher and I meander into a conversation that lasts an hour and a half. We talk about yoga, healing, art, politics, addiction and humanity. Izzy curls up and dozes on the lounge chairs looking out over the view, tuning in and out. The candour and length of this conversation surprises me. It’s a sign of how Gayle works as a teacher. She’s real, available and giving.


At the other retreat, the yoga teachers tended to sit apart from the students; to eat by themselves and chat by themselves. When I talked to one of them about my back issue, and got a quick answer about taking it easy and coming to the core session. Gayle takes time to understand and acknowledge my issues and the risk and restrictions I’m working with.


Gayle is a yoga teacher trained in Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin who take her practise all around the world, she’s just come from a position in South Africa. She is also a hypnotherapist. 

We do two yoga classes a day, first at 6:30 am the second at 5 pm just before dinner. This is physically demanding, but Gayle runs the program with a deft ear to the ground.


At the start of every yoga session she asks how we are, if we’ve got any aches and pains or requests for how the class runs. She has an instinct for what our bodies need, and varies the approach depending on what we’ve done during the day.

Some classes are faster more dynamic and others slow and restorative. During the classes she gives less intense options for all the strenuous postures.


Eco Logic staff are coming to the sessions and it is great to see Gun and Pe Pui in their strong poses Warrior One and Two, struggling with the same tricky ones I do - Crow… Bird of Paradise… 

Our outdoor yoga studio, 50 metres from the rooms, is a place of intensity, light moments and flow. In the mornings mist rises through the mountains, butterflies bigger than birds flap audibly through the large leaves leaning into the studio. A ginger and white kitty visits us daily, announcing his arrival with a pert mews and approaches Gayle to pick a fight with her hair. He leaps on my bent knee while I'm in Warrior One stance and clings to my T shirt, somehow not scratching me.


In the evenings Gayle sits with us and chats, sharing her background and insights from yoga, hypnotherapy and past life regression. We all explore out ennagrams and Anna and I do a past life regression with her. She takes pains to make it clear we should never feel any pressure to do anything we’re not comfortable with, be it a pose, or a chaka clearing, or a headstand. 



Gayle is the most open and consultative teacher I’ve ever had. As a result I’m coming closer to the poses, entering them at the right level for me and shaking off those uncomfortable feelings of doubt and inadequacy I’ve gotten from other classes. My confidence is growing and I am flowing more, both in class and out. My butt looks a tiny bit tighter.


Thanks Gayle.

More blogs to follow...

More information on Eco-Logic, Retreat for Charity and the yoga arrangement s we offer can be found here.

With your stay you will support the projects of the Thai Child Development Foundation directly.




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