Food @ Eco-Logic

By Simone Kaho

The food at Eco Logic is bombastically good. It is outstanding. I tell Ingrid it’s the best food I’ve had so far in Thailand, which is true. ‘Most of the comments on Tripadvisor are about the food’ she laughs. Once the cook Pe Pui finds out I am vegan, all the meals are prepared vegan, although boiled and fried eggs are served on the side for the others at breakfast.


At dinner the first night there is a pumpkin, eggplant and tofu dish which makes me pause to savor, the first spoonful still in my mouth, not chewing yet. This food has the potential to be embarrassing, one might get caught having a foodgasm. Of course the amaze of the food comes from skilled preparation and excellent flavors but it’s also love. That intangible quality you only truly recognize on eating.


Each meal is a nourishing combination of vegetable and tofu stir fries, salad and curry. Crispy sweet herbs and fresh vegetables from the organic Eco logic gardens. Pe Pui explains each meal shyly and watches us smiling from the bar as we eagerly serve up her food and tuck in.


There is a seemingly unlimited menu of options. My favorites so far have been;

-     the long pause curry

-     stir fried pumpkin, firm but melt in the mouth,

-     stir fried tofu, corn tomato and bok choi,

-     herb leaf and tomato salad

-     papaya salad, spicy and tangy

-     battered courgettes, just yes

-     battered mushrooms

-     vermicelli salad


You get the idea..


I know it might be naff, or ‘a bit dumb’ as Izzy puts it, to recommend a retreat with the social significance and impact on lives of children that Eco Logic has, for it’s food. But really the food is symptomatic of something wider at Eco Logic. That vibration when charity, economics, tourism, culture, people and a landscape comes together in a way that works. We can all feel it and taste it.


I should also mention that Ingrid makes vegan cakes in glasses, the sort of sweet pleasures that would prompt proposals. There’s a menu of shakes and cocktails although Laan, our bartender, language teacher, remove-spiders-from-rooms, all-round-helper-guy spends most of the evenings without orders because none of us are drinking.


One night we have a durian and mangosteens, we are giggling through our mouthfuls of fruit and making jokes about the peanut butter that get increasingly risqué.


This is when I realize we are happy, like, just really happy.

More blogs to follow....

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