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My travel adventure around SE Asia with my 23 year old daughter began at this very impressive environmentally conscientious facility.


Beautifully set smack dab in the lush forest of central Thailand, Eco-Logic is minutes from a public bus stop and only 45 minutes from the town of Ranong.


Residents stay in charming guesthouses and eat delicious meals consisting of local and property-grown ingredients. The main social building offers guests a very comfortable lounge and eating area both of which are on a huge stunning deck overlooking the lush rainforest.


Eco-Logic offers much more than comfort and good eating, however. Participation is welcomed and appreciated for fun and educational activities offered both on and off site and include property improvement projects in various phases of completion, assistance with their special education classes and functions, and trips to surrounding places of interest.


The staff is wonderfully friendly and helpful from dawn to late evening.

We stayed at Eco-Logic during the rainy season yet stayed plenty busy despite the warm, sometimes very strong, rain.

We took a class on preparing several common Thai dishes, Phad Thai and SomTam, which required much chopping, skinning, mincing, and stirring, and included a slew of fresh ingredients. Both turned out wonderfully!


We also traveled to a nearby Buddhist temple where we climbed over 300 steps to reach a gorgeous viewpoint offering vistas in all directions. In addition, we stopped at a hot springs facility where we soaked in wonderfully hot mineral springs and a colder stream with Garra rufa fish that cleaned our feet naturally – a very unusual sensation!


My daughter and I took a long walk one afternoon down the local residential road toward a stunning waterfall; though the rain cut our adventure short, it didn’t reduce our enjoyment of the green, tropical excursion.


Being that my birthday fell on our last day at Eco-Logic, the guests and staff sang Happy Birthday as I ate an exquisite caramel-banana cupcake! It was a happy one indeed.


If the remainder of my SE Asian journey continues as wonderfully as it started at Eco-Logic, I may never want it to end!


Alison Snow



September 2016

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