Riverside Bungalows

Stay in one of our bungalows.
Stay in one of our bungalows.

TCDF Eco-Logic has 3 bungalows for guests.


Each with a beautiful garden, access to the river, a number of sitting areas and gardens with campfire places. Every bungalow has a big porch, with a beautiful decorated bench.


The bungalows are situated on the foot of the mountain and are all very close to the river. From your bungalow it is easy to go to the riverside.


The view from each bungalow: river and rain forest.


The bungalow has a bed- annex living room with a double bed, a cupboard with Chinese doors, a desk, a fridge, a coffee corner and a small sitting area.


The bathroom has a hot water shower, a Thai style shower (water from a well), a small sink and a Western toilet.


Of course the bathroom is beautiful decorated too. As is everything in the bungalow. You will find stone decorations on the outside of the house, murals in the bed- and bathroom, wooden decorations on the wall. The cupboards, furniture and chairs are made of wood by local craftsman.


Sheets, bedcovers, blankets, pillows, mosquitonets and towels are present in each bungalow.


The price for a bungalow (2 people) is 1.250/1.500  Baht per night*).

Breakfast included.

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*) prices depend on the season


Next to the bungalows, there is much more you can find on the mountain, for example: our family apartment,  rooms, the dormitory, a restaurant, our gardens (flower, herbal, vegetable), the river, stables and horses, places for children to do activities, a sport field, a play ground and of course the Thai Child Development Foundation.