One of our gardens.
One of our gardens.

Self-sustainability and healthy food are important for Eco-Logic.

That is why we started an ecological vegetable-garden, an herbal garden and we planted several fruit trees.


The gardens will supply us with food for the TCDF Special School students (meals), vegetables for our restaurant and are used for the educational program of the Thai Child Development Foundation.


The work in the garden is done by our staff and international volunteers who come especially to join the project on self-sustainability for Eco-Logic.


Next to vegetables, fruit and herbs and mushrooms, our farm also has a number of animals. There are chicken (eggs), fish (for eating) and horses (for riding and manure). 


For our Eco-farm we can use the help of guests too!


Check our page on the voluntourism arrangements if you like to be a part of the program to help us to become self-sustainable, by working in the gardens and with the animals. For more information you can click here.