Facilities & service

Eco-Logic has a lot to offer, next to our accommodation and beautiful location. On this page you will find our facilities and services, for all our visitors. The special facilities for KIDS and BICYCLE RIDERS can also be found on this page.


  • A slow food restaurant
  • An English speaking host to answer your questions, organise activities and provide support when needed
  • An honour/ selfservice drink, fruit and snack system
  • Free drinking water
  • shop with fairtrade products
  • sala for yoga and meditation
  • creative learning center for seminars and workshops  
  • shop with fairtrade products
  • Free WiFi in the restaurant
  • A library with books in Dutch, French and English
  • Free use of lockers (day time only )
  • A sportfield
  • A playground
  • A petonque field
  • A pebble riverside beach
  • A private campfire place at your accomodation
  • Village laundryservice at the neighbours
  • Daily room cleaning service
  • Taxi service
  • Bicycle rent
  • An extended program of activities to join

Specially for bikers

  • Early breakfasts
  • Health food, pasta, brown bread, baked potatoes with steamed veggies!
  • Free water bottle refills
  • Bidon steam cleaning service
  • Book swap service (for bikers only!)
  • Soft mattresses and pillows
  • Quiet (1 km of the mainroad!)
  • Riverside accommodation for immediate cool down!
  • Village laundry service
  • Roofed bike storage
  • Many resting day activities possible
  • Of route day trip maps
  • Crash course language for on the road  (advance booking)
  • Train ticket service and bike transport (advance booking)
  • Bike transport boxing (advance booking)
  • Full bike fix (advance booking)
  • Mainroute taxi pickup service

Specially for kids

  • Bicycle rent
  • An extended program of activities to join
  • A welcoming environment
  • A play ground
  • A sportfield
  • Many acres on our property to roam around and explore
  • A shallow river in front of the accommodation to build dams and catch fish!
  • A private play room next to the restaurant
  • A sand pit near the restaurant
  • A water play pit at the restaurant
  • Lots of toys and books to take to the room
  • Baby bed, seats, bath available
  • Boaster car seat available for taxi services
  • Child life vests and helmets available for trips
  • Children bicycles and parentbike with babyseats
  • Babysit service
  • Weekend clubhouse activities focussing on art, environment, language, sport and games
  • The opportunity to play with Thai children, visit their homes and schools
  • Activities and daytrips customized to your children
  • Under three year old eat for free
  • An honour/ selfservice drink, fruit and snack system
  • Early breakfasts


Would you like to know more about the  area?

Just click on the link below.

Pak Song: the area
Pak Song: the area