Art Eco shop

Nong Ta makes beautiful drawings.
Nong Ta makes beautiful drawings.

TCDF Eco-Logic has a small shop, the Art Eco shop. We sell local products, like coconut-oil, yoga- and rice bags made by local women, and the work the students of TCDF's special school make during their occupational training.


The biggest success so far: the beautiful postcards the children made. Because of this success we decided to work together with the kids on more products for our shop. We sell:

  • natural soap and shampoo
  • coco ut-oil
  • post cards for all occasions
  • X-mas cards
  • Happiness- bags: a small bag with items made by the students. To give a way or to receive.
  • T-shirts, printed by the students
  • and more

The money we get for selling products via Art Eco will be used for the Special School program of TCDF, art material and a part of the money will be used for the students themselves.


We are very proud to inform you that 15 of our kids have their own bank account now. The money on that account will be used for their occupational training, schooling and personal development.



For now we have an Art Eco shop in our restaraurant in Paksong and a sellingpoint in Shanti Lodge (in Bangkok and Phuket)


Of course we would love to have more selling points.

Do you know such a place or -even better- do you want to help us sell the products of our Special Students? Send us a message!


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