Traveling with kids: health care

TCDF Eco-Logic: naturally Thailand.

Planting a tree
Planting a tree

Traveling in a tropical country means insects and diseases you do not know of in your part of the world.

Check with the travel clinic in your area what is necessary for your stay in Thailand for you and your children.


If you prepare well and if you take good care and pay attention to personal hygiene you do not have to worry.


Here are some tips for you and your kids:

  • let your kids where their shoes when outside, it will prevent many ants and other insects from biting them
  • use mosquito repellant (there is very good repellant for sale everywhere in Thailand) every morning and from 4 o clock p.m., and all day if you get bitten a lot
  • use mosquitonets. Most guesthouses have those. Baby beds and or seats are usually not available.
  • take a travel medical kit with you on trips.
  • do not wear black/ dark clothes, it attracts bugs. Wear wide, light longsleeve clothing in stead
  • clean little wounds, all mosquitobites and scratches with alcohol and/or betadine after every shower to prevent infections.
  • burn mosquito coils in and around your accomodation and under your tables while eating to keep bugs away. TCDF Eco-Logic offers these.
  • make a campfire when and where possible, it keeps bugs away

You can reach TCDF Eco-Logic at: +66 (0)8 - 6172 1090 or via email: