Traveling with kids: transport

Sleeper train: a special adventure!
Sleeper train: a special adventure!

Thailand has excellent transport options for every budget.


Please keep in mind that Thailand has a lot of festival and holidays. These are usually the days that one half of Thailand visits the other half. You better book your tickets in advance if you want to make sure you have a place on a bus, train or plane. Their are many travel companies in the bigger touristic area's. On our link page you will also find some companies who can help you purchasing tickets.



You can decide to rent a car a drive by yourself. The highways are very good in Thailand and most signs are in English and Thai.

You can rent a car at the airport or in tourist places if you have a driverslicence, and international permit and a creditcard.

People drive on the left side of the road and the drivingstyle is very different. Also please realize that baby and children seats are not commonly used in Thailand and are not provided and only for sale in big warehouses in major tourist destinationas such as Phuket and Bangkok.



The railway system in Thailand is very good and will bring you to many places in a comfortable way. Thai Railways offers first, second and third class options. There are sleeper trains, a great experience for parent and kids. Night trains are usually good for travelling long distances (and at night).

Most trains have a food and drink service on board.

Bookings can be made at the trainstation or via travel companies.



Busses in Thailand are good, especially if you decide to go with the VIP busses. Chairs are comfortable and there is usually a stewardess aboard who will provide you with snacks and drinks. Most busses have several stops for a meal or a visit to the bathroom. Some companies include a meal in a restaurant in their ticket fair. Bookings can be made at the busstations or via travel companies.



Thailand has many airports and many companies that fly on them. Via travel agencies in Bangkok or other tourist area's you can find very cheap tickets sometimes. Of course you can get tickets via the internet too.