Traveling with kids

Thailand is a very nice country to travel with kids.


Thai people love kids and it is commonly accepted to cuddle, and pick up other peoples children as well as offer them sweets and toys without consulting the parents.


Don't be surprised if you are having a meal somewhere and the restaurant owner offers to look after your child while you eat.


And don't be surprised that your kids are not in the restaurant after you finished your dessert.

He or she is probably watching TV and eating chips in the neighbours house, together with new Thai friends!


Thai people love to carry your kid around and show them everything and to every one.


If you or your kid does not appreciate people touching him or her, please tell the people with a smile: "Mai ow" and 'Mai chop" (I don't want that/I don't like that).


Don't forget to smile, after all: they mean well.


Over the years Eco-Logic welcomed many families and all of them had a great time here!

Children (and their parens) get a change at Eco-Logic to:

  • Explore rural Thailand in a fun and safe way
  • Learn to cook their own Thai meal
  • Meet Thai children, play with them and become friends during the weekend activities
  • Swim in the river and roam around on the premisses
  • Help us in the organic farm and flower gardens
  • Join one of the many activities for kids
  • Plant their own tree
  • Build their own campfire in front of the room
  • Play on the sportfield and just have fun!

On this website you can also read a bit more on travelling in Thailand with children, transport, health care and so on.


If you want to know what Eco-Logic can offer you and your family, you can visit the page: family holidays.