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Did you like the food?

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Ingrid and Rose

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    Mary (Friday, 21 February 2014 18:37)

    Dear Ingrid,

    I really wanted to thank you and your team for making this past weekend such a wonderful one! The bungalow was beautiful and comfortable. The people were friendly and helpful. And the food was wonderful.

    I especially wanted to praise the local guide who took me out on the bamboo raft, and showed me 6 snakes. He was an exceptional guide! If he does treks or other rafting trips, I would come to Ranong/Pak Song again, just for that. It's rare to find people who have those type of skills anymore. I was very impressed.

    Again, thank you, and much success in all the great work you all do at TCDF!


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    Viviane Moons (Wednesday, 12 September 2012 08:57)

    > Terug in België, met een hoop mooie herinneringen van Thailand; Maar vooral van jullie organisatie. Het verblijf in de bungalows zindert nog steeds na in men (onze) gedachten. De geluiden uit de nabije natuur, de schoonheid van onze omgeving, jullie aanwezigheid, onze mooi ervaringen, de wandelingetjes; kortom subliem geweest.> Er gaat geen dag voorbij zonder dat ik eraan denk.>

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    Sharon (Saturday, 01 September 2012 02:27)

    Dear Ingrid, Roes, Eric and everyone,

    A belated post to the guestbook but I went to volunteer at TCDF for a few weeks at the very end of 2011 and ended up staying for four months. From the first day I was made to feel welcome and valued as a volunteer. As an environmental professional I just loved the 'sustainable tourism' philosophy and how so much the local people gained from this project through employment opportunities as well as the fantastic work being done at the special school.

    Sustained by gourmet Thai meals made from locally grown produce I had no problems with the hard work in the humidity and enjoyed the volunteer jobs of weeding, finishing off a sandpit, painting bins with recycling messages, and spring cleaning the dorm. In the weeks after New Year I was joined by more fantastic volunteers, some who will be friends for life.

    Therefore I took the opportunity to help out TCDF more and became their (volunteer) Host for three months, looking after guests and organising the jobs for volunteers. I loved the place, loved the work and the people. It was very hard to leave but time to go earn some money. But I will definitely be coming back and recommending this fantastic project to anybody visiting Thailand.

    Cheers, Sharon

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    Viviane (Monday, 20 August 2012 02:39)

    Dag Ingrid

    We hebben jullie in maart een mailtje gestuurd dat ook in het agboek zou komen. Ik ben het kwijt maar hoopte dat jullie het nog hebben. (Het zou ook in het dagboek komen te staan..) We hebben in alle geval een hele mooi tijd gehad bij jullie (februari 2012), de sfeer was opperbest! Ik voelde me volledg één met de natuur en men omgeving
    Hopelijk dat we nog een keertje op bezoek kunnen komen!

    Lieve groetjes van Ben en Viviane

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    Viviane en Ben (Monday, 16 April 2012 20:19)

    Dag Ingrid, Roos en alle de andere lieve mensen van tcdf..

    Terug in België, met een hoop mooie herinneringen van Thailand; Maar vooral van jullie organisatie. Het verblijf in de bungalows zindert nog steeds na in men (onze) gedachten. De geluiden uit de nabije natuur, de schooneheid van onze omgeving, jullie aanwezigheid, onze mooi ervaringen, de wandelinetjes; kortom subliem geweest.

    Er gaat geen dag voorbij zonder dat ik eraan denk.

    Koa SOK was een mooie aanvulling.. ook zeer mooi en apart.. Dan Koa Lak, Ranong, Judith en de blach cheep; kleine Ko Chang; en Ko Pangang(snorkelen);;

    Ik hoop dat er voor ons ook ooit een tijd aanbreekt dat we een langere tijd in Thailand kunnen doorbrengen, o zo anders dan hier thuis..

    Groetjes van Ben en Viviane uit België

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    Laura and Verity (Saturday, 17 March 2012 03:15)

    Dear Rose and Ingrid,

    Thank you so much for having us – we’ve had a good time with some lovely people. I’m sorry we didn’t get to know your better – we’ll have to come back!
    Ingrid – we hope you feel better soon.

    We’ll spread the word about TCDF.

    Good luck with it all, it’s a fantastic project, we’re proud to have helped.

    Take care!
    Laura and Verity

    (Also – please thank all of your lovely staff, especially the cooks! I’m sorry I did not learn enough Thai to say more than ‘Good morning’ and ‘Thank you’ but they were very much appreciated!)

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    Anja (Saturday, 17 March 2012 03:13)

    Dear Rose, dear Ingrid, dear Sharon,

    Thank you so much for the possibility to volunteer at this place. You’re doing great work and it was a pleasure to be part of it for a short time.

    See you again sometime.


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    Andrea Vega (Thursday, 15 March 2012 20:09)

    I just wanted to tell you my experience in TCDF was one of the best volunteer in my life :)
    I have recommended to many presonas place I've ever met in my way and many are interested.
    I hope to continue growing and developing TCDF to help the community, is a beautiful place where you can do many things.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

    a hug

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    Tobias & Frida (Thursday, 15 March 2012 00:02)


    It has been slightly more than three weeks since we left TCDF, and during that time we have had another two weeks working as volunteers with a foundation in Cambodia,
    constucting water wells and sand bio-filters. Working both with you and the Cambodian organization has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, so much more rewarding than just back-packing.

    As our trip in SE Asia is drawing to an end, we thought that we would get back to you with some feedback regarding our two weeks as volunteers at the TCDF. As mentioned above, the overall experience was really great - you do an important job wit the school for the children with special needs, and it was great to get a chance to be part of it (even though we never actually worked directly with the kids). The Eco-lodge is really nice, the bungalow and guestrooms very comfy. And perhaps best of all - the food! It is certainly the best food we have had so far during our trip in this part of the world, and possibly among the best we have ever had. We would be very glad if you could pass this along to the cooks!

    We found that we got a really good introduction the day we arrived, and we appreciate how well organized (but still flexible) the daily work was by Sharon during the morning meetings. Working in the gardens was actually harder than we had expected due to the heat, but not in any way unresasonable. Working togehter in small groups with other volunteers was great fun, and we got to know a lot of interesting people that we probably would never have met
    under different circumstances.

    We also have some suggestions for improvements, small things that could enhance the experience for future volunteers. First of all, we noticed that several of the other volunteers had come to the TCDF with the expectation of working with the kids. We think that it is pretty clear from the information on your website that the possibilities to do this are limited (it was ceratainly nothing that we expected), but perhaps it coud be stated even more clearly to avoid disappointment (and possibly resentment) among future volunteers?

    Secondly, it would have been great if there had been something edible to buy in the restaurant in between meals, other than snacks. Perhaps fruits, simple sandwiches or the like, that could sustain you a bit better than the (delicious!) cakes from Black

    We wish you the best of luck in your future work with the foundation, and will certainly recommend you to any aquaintance that wants to go volunteering in Thailand.

    Kind regards
    Tobias Pernler & Frida Lundberg

    P.S. Say hi to Sharon from us! D.S.

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    Ulrika Erelöf (Monday, 06 February 2012 01:44)

    In beginning of January 2012 We had the fortune to stay at Thai Child for nearly two weeks,with our familly. We had a wonderful time and experienced a lot. Our two teenagers could help with volountering wich made them grow. Me myself enjoyed helping in the vegie-garden. I appreciated the worm atmosphere among volounteers and guests.

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    Kristina van der Geest (Wednesday, 25 January 2012 07:38)

    Samen met 7 enthousiasten vrouwen heb ik mijn opleiding kinderyoga met Helen Purperhart in december 2011 bij jullie gedaan. Wat een beleefnis, jullie warmte, de omgeving, de kinderen. Jullie hebben een plek in mijn hart veroverd. Zoals ik Roos vertelde wil ik mij graag inzetten voor jullie. Voor iedere baby 2012 uit de zwangerschapyoga geef ik 1 euro aan jullie en bij het Mamacafe komt een spaardoos voor jullie. Ik ben nog helemaal vol van jullie geweldig werk! En kan alleen iedereen die twijfelt aanraden een tijdje bij jullie te zijn! Lieve groet Kristina

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    Julien Jacobs (Sunday, 22 January 2012 04:59)

    In 2004 en 2005 was ik te gast in jullie vorige lokatie. Ondertussen al 7 en 8 jaar geleden. Als ik jullie website nu zie en een overzicht krijg van de nieuwe ontwikkelingen dan moet ik bekennen dat ik het fantastisch vind wat jullie al allemaal gepresteerd hebben. Chapeau en het doet me zin krijgen om nog eens bij jullie op bezoek te komen en mee de handen uit de mouwen te steken.
    Veel liefs en groetes aan allen

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    Daniela (Saturday, 31 December 2011 13:07)

    good site, good work, keep it up, I love hotels 5star tourism but i also sometime with my friends travel like eco-turist )

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    lotus (Saturday, 31 December 2011 04:44)

    I Ginie 50 overs and yet I had two wonderful insprirend months on the project,
    one month after having moved about, I arrived in clay house on TCDF,
    for me was the wonder and inspiration in the rainforest so great and so special, that until today there is still present.
    age does not matter, race does not matter, education does not matter
    If you work with your heart, even the language is not an issue.

    The food is great, and almost everything from the garden where {yourself} works
    fresh ginger, bananas, sour and sweet pineapple, the delicious leafy vegetables, fish from the river, eggs from the chicken pen,
    back to basics and prepared with love and attention,
    For that reason alone you could go

    The sweet and passionate staff,the musical people and the creative contribution of each one, the Thai lessons makes it all very special

    So...If you get to know yourself are looking for the hidden talents, wants to do something for others,
    Or just want to have a very special time, then sign up
    Come to Paksong
    Plant a seed in your heart and let him grow into a sturdy tree with thick branches and deep roots.
    for each child.anywhere in the world,be at rest,safe,
    and grow up without hunger,
    every child deserves a carefree future ...............
    love gienie

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    lotus (Saturday, 31 December 2011 04:42)


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    Ingrid van der Straaten (Friday, 30 December 2011 17:49)

    Read Luis' blog about being a volunteer with TCDF Eco-Logic:!/notes/luis-cabrera/my-experience-as-a-volunteer-at-the-thai-child-development-foundation/10150427430946338

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    Giles Elliott (Friday, 30 December 2011 07:35)

    A really special place: so glad i had the chance to spend some time here: only wish it could have been longer. The combination of (some) hard physical work, good company, a beautiful environment, and delicious food were all perfect therapy at a time when i was overstressed from my job and the various other pressures of my normal life. It was good to feel i was contributing (in a very small way) to what is clearly a well grounded organisation that makes a real difference in its community. Before I arrived there i wasn't 100% sure i really wanted to be in Thailand: now i want to come back! Highly recommended.

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    Louis en Nelleke Harmsen (Sunday, 06 November 2011 06:53)

    Each year we stay for about 6 weeks in Bungalow one, which we sponsored to build. We now are looking forward to our sixth visit to this wondrous place in the middle of the beautiful rainforest, away from all touristic activity and its charming restaurant with its delicious Thai food. One more reason that we never get tired of the place is its cheerful positive atmosphere of Thai- and international volunteers working together to help handicapped Thai children. Last but not least, we found Pak Song to be a very convenient starting point for trips to other parts of Thailand, e.g. the beautiful small islands on the Ranong coast, which still have the peaceful atmosphere that the well known touristic places have lost many years ago.
    In short, we can warmly recommend this place……

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    Ingrid van der Straaten (Friday, 21 October 2011 19:21)

    A blog of Andrew and Isaac, 2 volunteers from USA about their stay as a volunteer with TCDF Eco-Logic. Check:​2011/10/tcdf-thai-child-develo​pment-foundation.html

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    mona lecourt (Friday, 21 October 2011 04:04)

    stayed 3months 1/2 as a volunteer in tcdf....paradise place with all its trees and flowers....took care of flowers and vegetables,i enjoyed it....the kids in the special school are really very special,i'll never forget them.fantastic kids....what they do here,helps them a lot...all staff is so nice..volunteers and guests also.people who love nature can only be good.forget the food,unforgettable!!!!delicious+++if you like great nature and good people,that is the place to go

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    Ingrid van der Straaten (Thursday, 20 October 2011 19:52)

    Check out the blog of Lisa, volunteer with TCDF Eco-Logic on her time with TCDF Eco-Logic (in Dutch).


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    Mieke Boon (Saturday, 15 October 2011 03:31)

    In 2007 I has been involved with the Thai Child Development as a volunteer. During my stay- almost a half year – I enjoined every little thing of it. It was a very special time with special people and a very very special place.
    After this period, I returned several times as a guest. Try it yourself; a special experience highly recommended!

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    Chettha Liamkrai (Sunday, 11 September 2011 05:58)

    I have been a volunteer with TCDF and it was the most special experience of my life so far! It was so great to see how everybody enjoys this place in Paksong. It was fantastic to be a part of that and help the foundation. Ingrid managed to make this place a home for everybody who is coming to visit and to support TCDF, no matter if you are coming for 3 days or 3 months. See you soon!

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    Dorien (Saturday, 10 September 2011 05:33)

    Hi, ik verblijf in dec periode ongeveer tussen 20-28 dec in TCDF logic. Ik huur een kamer, waarin 2 bedden staan. Zou deze willen/kunnen delen met een andere vrouw. Dorien uit Ned. mail: heijdendlm

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    Marte van Haperen (Wednesday, 07 September 2011 05:08)

    Having a nice time as a guest at TCDF Eco-Logic and simultaneously support the Thai Child Development Foundation. A perfect combination I think!

    From november 2007 till June 2008 I have been the hostess and marketing employee of TCDF Eco-Logic. I had a great time! I like the people and the environment is so beautiful. Besides, the activities that TCDF Eco-Logic offers are very nice. They are guided by the locals, which let you meet the real Thailand!

    I had a wonderful time and want to go back very soon!

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    Nikki van Groesen (Wednesday, 07 September 2011 02:43)

    I have volunteered at TCDF in Oktober/November 2007. The people are so nice, we had such a nice voluntary group with amazing people. I teached English at school, we also stayd on school and in family houses. No better way to experencie the local life. For me it was life changing!! And the best time of my life!!

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    Tournemine Didier (Tuesday, 06 September 2011 10:10)

    In french:
    Je suis resté une semaine à la TCDF. C'est un endroit magnifique au cœur de la nature. Les bungalows sont superbes avec tout le confort necessaire pour bien se reposer. Les repas sont copieux variés et très bon. La visite des chutes d'eaux et le marché de Paksong sont à ne pas louper. Ingrid est une personne charmante et toujours disponible. Vous pourrez également voir ô combien les enfants de la TCDF sont heureux avec toutes les activités qui leur sont proposées ici. Un lieu a ne pas manquer si vous aller en Thailande.

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    Will and Jamie Joy (Monday, 05 September 2011 13:01)

    monday, 05 th of September 2011

    For 5 days we had the time of our life,...everything was great,the whole village is made with so much love, the food as well, and caring for the kids too !!!
    Tha bungalows are realy comfy with a perfect klamboe!!
    Our kids had some nice life lessons....thai lessons and cooking lessons, they had a fun time playing with the kids,....the volunteers were also so nice to them, taking the kids when they brought the children home,...and for a ride on the horse Pom Pom.But the best was meeting this wonderfull person Ingrid and Eric who at that moment took care of us and the children. We had the same feeling as Edward ....Celestine Prophecy....highlight of our time in Thailand!!! The other french family were also very nice people... with them we had a nice trip to a private beach ...Dont forget more special people like Mona and Bau with his beatiful smile and music....loved it!!!

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    Ingrid and Saskia (Sunday, 04 September 2011 23:01)

    We stayed at the project for a week as 'working guests'. Unfortunately we had lots of rain. But nevertheless it was really a GREAT EXPERIENCE! I even enjoyed the place and view of the environment with rain. We collected money at home for the project, worked in the garden, cleaned the stables, picked fruit, had lunch with the children etc. We loved to learn more of the Thai culture and we enjoyed every meal! Must come back one day!

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    Edward (Sunday, 04 September 2011 06:41)

    A very special place located on a beautiful spot with an celestial feeling. It reminded me of the village which is described in the book "The Celestine Prophecy".
    Open your mind and you will find the positive energy.

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    Chris (Saturday, 03 September 2011 07:58)

    My 4 week stay at TCDF in June 2007 was the last part of a 4.5 month trip through most of Asia and was a very welcoming place to stay for a longer time. But most of al, it was the best introduction to a foreign culture you can imagine! But also the cultural exchange TCDF organised for the Thai, Japanese and Dutch volunteers was really worthwile. I participated in the educational project and teached at an elementary school and still remember those days.
    While I traveld other parts of Thailand for a few more weeks afterwards, I appreciated my "TCDF-introduction" to Thai culture even more, since it enabled me to pick out nice spots and ignore most touristy places.
    For more experiences, see my website (in Dutch).

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    marjet wullink (Saturday, 03 September 2011 03:50)

    I have volunteered at TCDF in 2006 (I think). It was a great experience. I could just do what I wanted to do the best and where there was the most needed help. I rode the horses so they got more energy again and liked to go riding. Next to that I helped designing ricebags knitted by the women in the neighbourhood.

    I recommend to go to TCDF to volunteer for the feeling of back to basic, the great Thai lifestyle you get into and the nice people that are there.

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    Judith (Saturday, 03 September 2011 02:17)

    I have a volunteer at TCDF for over an year. I was there to help set up the school for handicapt children, and i loved it. I got so much back from everyone there, for just a little bit of work. I keep on coming back every year, for all the people and of course the good food:)

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    Masao Higuchi (Friday, 02 September 2011 23:55)

    I have ever stayed as a volunteer for TCDF. My favorit country is Thailand because of TCDF. I received a lot valuable experiences from TCDF!

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    Jack (Friday, 02 September 2011 23:29)

    lol! be a volunteer in TCDF for one week is my best time in Thailand !!! :D Mona`s amazing experience 、 Pipa art`s " quick quick ! " (it is a song ,hah) Nong`s "never mind" and goodness .and of cause Ingrid`s well consider 、always praise others and always is ready to help others ...etc. I will never forget these! every night`s UNO time is so funny and happy! we play and laugh loudly . Daily works also easy and I have to say one thing ! I really really enjoy the food in TCDF!!!!lol!!
    I was always very very full after each meal ...hah !

    Thank you so much ! TCDF. Ingrid . and everybody I met in the TCDF. we had a very very good time . hope I can see you all one day again ! :D

    miss u !


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    Jeenmo Jeong (Friday, 02 September 2011 20:59)

    I have been volunteered at TCDF for a week.
    When I travled Thai, I met one Japanese guy who had volunteered at TCDF. He introduced me about TCDF and I decide to visit there.
    I had great time at TCDF with children and beautiful nature. If I had known about TCDF before I set my trip schedule, I spent more time there....
    There are many thing you can help out and you can learn many things from TCDF.
    I wish Thai children have a great time in TCDF

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    Nok (Friday, 02 September 2011 20:42)

    I'd stayed TCDF as a volunteer in 2007 and 2008 summer. I made clay house and taught in elementary schools. I had a good time because of nice people and nature. I'll be back someday !

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    Tineke and Frank (Friday, 05 August 2011 13:46)

    We were guests in August 2010 to visit our daughter Judith who was working as al long time volunteer for TCDF. And boy, did she find a great place tot do a great job. We very much enjoyed our bungalow, the surroundings, the restaurant, the Thai food and de continental breakfast. The best of two worlds. Recommended!

    NB while you are there, or ont he way to or from Paksong,visit Black Cheap in Ranong for a wonderful cup of coffee with good food and an great atmosphere!

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    Ron & Trish Millet (Friday, 05 August 2011 12:24)

    Perhaps the best time spent away ever.thank you for such a great time, the waterfall and river raft trip,and teaching the girls to make thai supper for us was just a few of the highlights that made this such a spectacular event.also knowing that all this goes to such a great cause maked this holiday feel like I helped in some way.

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    Lisa Dickmann (Tuesday, 26 July 2011 04:58)

    I have been a volunteer with TCDF for 3 months and it was the most special experience of my life so far! It was so great to see how everybody enjoys this place in Paksong, the kids as well as the TCDF staff and our two Big Bosses :) All together they managed to create this special atmosphere where the kids are able to discover and explore their own capabilities. It was fantastic to be a part of that and help the foundation. This was my first visit but defenitely not the last visit in Paksong! Ingrid and Rose managed to make this place a home for everybody who is coming to visit and to support TCDF, no matter if you are coming for 3 days or 3 months. See you soon!
    oh and YES I did like the food....a lot!! :)

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    Anne Wissink (Friday, 03 June 2011 16:03)

    I could wright about the highlights for a couple of hours, i'm not gonna do that.
    All i need to say is that is was the best time of my life. No doubt about that!
    Amazing people, beautiful nature, great food.. All you need in life:)